A Letter From Our Pastors

Over the last 8 years, we’ve had the awesome privilege to serve under Pastors Rich and Robyn Wilkerson, as well as Pastors Rich Jr. and DawnCheré Wilkerson. We began a conversation in the Fall of 2015 with Pastor Rich Sr. as to what the next season for our family was going to look like. Church planting was always in our Pastor’s hearts as well as ours. Sad, but full of excitement, we were prayed for and sent out in the Fall of 2016 to plant a church in the Metro-Atlanta area.


The one question we have been getting the most is: Why?
Why leave the sunny beaches? Why leave your home, friends and family?
Why leave such an influential church with such dynamic pastors?

“The Church literally saved my life.”

I was far from God. Growing up in the streets of Miami I lived a reckless life. In my early years I was heavily involved in gangs and had the bullet holes, head scars, and a double digit arrest record to prove it. By 19, I had been in jail 13 times and on my last trip facing more years than I could live out. I remember walking into a prison bible study…”Church”. In that small room I heard and finally understood the Gospel. In that small room I grew in my faith, preached my first message and led others to Christ. The Church in its most non-tradition sense literally saved my life. – Pastor Cheno

I grew up in church. I had a loving family, but several decisions in my early adult life caused me to walk away from the faith and live a rebellious life. A decade later a friend was radically saved at a small local church and began to tell me of the joy she now lived in. Knowing this person, who was far from joyful, and I myself, never experiencing such joy in church, decided to give God a last shot and walked through the doors of that local church. Everything changed. The Church literally saved my life. – Pastor Lydia

That’s the why… whatever space in the journey someone may find themselves in, we want them to know that there’s a God that loves them, that took the first step to start a relationship with them. That’s why Greater Church will exist, to reach the lost and empower the found. We want to love people, ALL people and to be that safe place for the broken, the hurting and the lost to run to!

The local Church is the hope of this world!

We believe this so much that we’re giving our lives to it!

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